About Marie Ahm
Executive Advisor, Golden Vintage

About GV and Marie Ahm
Executive Advisor, Golden Vintage
Permanent member of Le Grand Jury Européen
Founding owner of VonAhm Ltd
Specialist on wine trade for EBRD
How Golden Vintage Has Emerged

Marie was born in Denmark in 1980 and now a resident in Barcelona, Spain. In spite of her young age, Marie already has a long career in the wine industry. She has worked for both importers in Denmark and producers in Spain, contributed to several specialist wine magazines, forums, and blogs. She has dedicated her life in full to wine and lives and breath it!

Marie is the first Dane and woman to become permanent member of Le Grand Jury Européen (GJE) and is now deeply involved in the GJE's activities. She is the founding owner of VonAhm Ltd, a company that provides export advice to several of Europe's top wine producers. She also works as consultant for importers and private collectors worldvide, sourcing wines and managing portfolios.
Furthermore she is consulting as specialist on wine trade for the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and contributes regularly to FINE Magazines; the world's leading luxury wine magazines She is working on her first wine book about a new and systematic approach to wine tasting and is creating wine tasting programs for the Danish nancial television; Børsen. In addition, she conducts wine education, tastings, seminars and master classes.

Marie on her partnership with Golden Vintage
I feel both proud and honoured to be the Executive Advisor for Golden Vintage. From the first moment I met Ms.Carol Wing I knew that working together with her would be to our mutual benefit. We share the same passion for great handmade wines with personality and connection to the place where they are produced; wine with soul, wines that carry the unmistakeable fingerprint of the person behind. We also share the position of being one the few female professionals in the wine industry, which creates some highly valuable synergies.

I envision a great future together with Golden Vintage in my role as Executive Advisor. I see this not only as a purely professional partnership, but also as a more sentimental one. Working with a person like Ms. Carol Wing and with the wines of her stunning portfolio is rewarding for a passionate wine person like me.