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About GV and Marie Ahm
How Golden Vintage Has Emerged

On my path of wine exploration from the role of being a wine lover to the current role as a wine businesswoman, I am deeply impressed that the wine world is not only a product of investment return but it is also a product with life and soul. The more I cultivate from the wine world, the more passionate I feel about wine.

In 2007, I decided to pursue my wine education from WSET entry level to WSET Advanced level in 2008 prior to the Hong Kong import wine tax free policy. To achieve all these examinations with good result, I firmly recognized the essence of wine throughout my studies. Then, I further enriched my wine tasting skills by enrolling in different tasting lessons and attending various tasting events. Furthermore, I did a lot of private wine and food pairings at home.

Through my previous start-up business experience engaging in wine activities, I realized the urge to explore the sourcing opportunity. In 2010, I visited the family producers' chateaux and was very touched by their passion for making a good wine. In order to make a high quality wine, they not only strictly adhere to their historical family culture and spirit, but also strive to improve their wine quality through winery innovations, which, as a passionate wine enthusiast, deserve my highest respect.

With all these wine exposure and my previous multinational working experience, I decided to start up my wine business recently. In order to manage my business to the best, I made up my mind to further study in this area, so I enrolled in the Wine MBA programme.

With the implementation of zero wine tax policy as well as the Hong Kong government's support on developing the Wine Hub, I am looking forward to opening up a new page in Hong Kong and China's wine industry.

Carol Wing
Managing Director of Golden Vintage International Ltd.